• In 2002, the CDM received the Exemplary Practices Award from the American Counseling Association's Association for Assessment in Counseling.
  • Millions of people have used the CDM in making successful career choices.
  • The CDM online will help you to:
    • Identify your occupational interests, values, and abilities
    • Match those interests to career options
    • Use your values and abilities to narrow down those options
    • Learn about each career that attracts you: its educational and training requirements, skills needed, wages, job outlook
    • View videos of people working in many of these jobs


  • Uniqueness and Power: presents a seamless Internet experience that allows you to learn about your career self through the CDM assessment system and at the same time explore jobs through occupational briefs.
  • Authoritativeness: all career information in the system is based on the most recent U.S. Department of Labor publications.
  • Timeliness: meets the demands of today's dynamic job market. The CDM covers close to 100% of all current U.S. jobs, including new computer-related, science, technology, and engineering opportunities.
  • Presentation: colorful, fast-paced, easy to use.
  • Adaptability: valuable for students preparing to enter the job market and for those in career transition.
  • Research Based: research in the US and in many other countries has demonstrated the effectiveness of the CDM with both males and females in diverse cultures.

We would like to express our gratitude to the CareerZone team, especially Victoria Gray, for their generous support in the development of the CDM occupational profiles.

We are especially indebted to Jason Cernansky, President of Iradix Consulting, for his skillful and creative translation of the CDM print materials to the CDM Internet.

For more information about the CDM, including the print materials and technical manuals, click on http://www.psychcorp.com/ and then click on C.

Copyright 2008 Career Planning Associates, Inc. Some of the theoretical works upon which the Career Decision-Making System is based are those of Dr. John L. Holland and are used with the permission of Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. Available exclusively under license from CPA, Inc. to NCS Pearson, Inc.